How to Care for your Jeans


Jeans are a valuable item in any wardrobe. They can be used for very casual and even some semi-formal occasions. Not only do they combine with most any t-shirt or blouse, but they’re comfortable and durable. We all have our favorite pair of jeans, and nothing is sadder than the day they wear out and we can no longer wear them. So how do you keep those jeans nice as long as you can? Here are a few tips.

Are you the type that likes your jeans a dark indigo color? You probably relish the sight of new jeans dyed straight from the Jeans-Manufaktur company. But after several washes they start to fade. One trick you can try is to wash your jeans inside out. It needs to be in cold water, and either on the delicate cycle or by hand. A half cup of white vinegar can also be added when you do the final rinse to help maintain the color.

Perhaps you’re washing your jeans too much. You shouldn’t actually wash jeans for a few months after they have been made by the Jeans-Manufaktur. If you have to, try to wash them only a few times, or if you like, put them in the freezer, which will kill the bacteria. You can also try steaming them if your iron has a steam setting. This can eliminate odors as well as getting rid of the creases.

What about drying them? If you’re like me, you like to dry them so they shrink up and fit better. But, it actually damages the cloth. Try air-drying them.

While eating, it’s always possible to drip some of that pizza sauce or ketchup. But getting rid of it is actually easy. Use a Magic Eraser, and then you won’t run the risk of ruining the dye job.