Exercise: 3 Reasons Walking is the Way to Go

When it comes to exercise, the glamour and attention goes to the newest dance crazes or the team sports and group activities. However, walking is an under-recognized method of exercise that really helps the body in numerous ways. There is a bonus in the fact that walking can also be a group activity. The choice to walk can mean a big difference in your life.

Prevent Dementia

Walking at least six miles each week has been proven to prevent memory loss and brain shrinkage. This is a significant concern for those who are over the age of 50, so starting the habit now and continuing it through your golden years can ensure you remember everything and stay healthy. Preventing dementia is something most people would prefer, so incorporating walking into your routine is a good idea to help with this prevention.

Tone Legs, Stomach and Buns

Taking a walk, adding in some hill climbing instead of all flat walking and keeping a proper posture means that you can do more than just walk. You can burn calories, tone your leg muscles and your stomach and even get tighter glutes. These are highly desirable changes to your body, and they can all be done by taking a walk.

More Vitamin D and Endorphins

Getting a move on and taking it outside means you can be happier. This is because the movement increases endorphins and getting more sun by walking outside increases Vitamin D intake. Vitamin D helps regulate mood and helps you sleep better, so that means more benefits from a simple walk through the neighborhood.

Taking a walk and getting out and about means more interaction with other people as well, and this can be another benefit to your exercise routine. With all of these benefits, the question is more why you aren’t already taking those regular walks.