Anatomy of an Outdoor Wood Furnace

When it comes to outdoor wood furnaces, you will find that there are many different brands to choose from. The anatomy of each one differs slightly- but each and every one of the ladysmith wi outdoor wood furnace operate in a very similar manner. The outdoor wood furnace is specifically designed to burn wood, vent away smoke, and circulate hot water both to and from your home. Most of the time, an outdoor wood furnace is enclosed in a structure that resembles a small/medium shed. The unit that burns the wood should have a small, insulated door that you add the wood through. In addition, there should also be a door/drawer where you will remove the ashpan to clean it out.

All of the outdoor wood burning furnaces also have a firebox. This is very similar to the interior of a fireplace. This is the location where the wood is burned, heating the water. The firebox has a grate on the bottom of it- this allows the ash to fall into the ashpan so that you can easily remove it.

Within the area where the wood burns, there is also a blower that will keep the air circulating and the wood burning. A chimney extends from the firebox, which allows the smoke to vent out. The chimney will most likely be tall enough that it keeps the smoke away from you and your family.

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You may notice that the firebox is small when compared to the structure of the furnace. The reason the firebox is enclosed and insulated by the compartment filled with water, which is typically over 100 gallons. The hot water is what transfers the heat to your home. The compartment with the water in your ladysmith wi outdoor wood furnace is connected to piping that brings the water to and from your home.