5 Amazing YouTube Facts

The video hosting website has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Since its founding in 2006, YouTube has exploded in popularity and continues to grow day by day. Users can download videos by using a YouTube to mp4 service and take videos with them on their travels. Today we are offering some amazing facts about the seconds largest search engine on the web.

●    A whole load of content
At the beginning of 2016, the mega site was reporting that over four hundred hours of film was uploaded to the site every single minute! That’s 24 thousand hours of information per hour! This figure is increasing every single day and some reports suggest that it may now be well over 500 hours per minute.
●    A third of the world
Not everyone on the plant has access to the internet, but most people in the developed world, and a surprising amount in developing country have access to the network. YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the entire web, with over one third of all internet users visiting the site every month.
●    You can download videos
By using a YouTube to mp4 tool, you can download your favorite videos!
●    Charlie bit my finger
You have probably seen the cute video of a baby boy biting his brothers finger. That viral hit has attracted over 830 million views! Making it the most viewed non music video of all time!
●    Mobile madness
Ever since the early 2000’s the use of mobile phones has invaded our lives. The advent of smartphones, which allowed us to connect to the internet just like a computer, has led to amazing things. YouTube has the impressive milestone of over half of the viewers visit the site on a mobile device! Keep that in mind if you are a content creator!